...Platform Solutions for Smart Spaces

Tools and technologies to make buildings safer and more efficient are increasingly available. Yet, selecting, deploying and controlling the sensors, smart devices and monitoring software that are adapted to each specific need remains a complex undertaking.

At HACKA Labs, we believe that more technology should not necessarily result in clutter, data overflow or compromising with privacy.  That it should not be as costly, invasive, and exposed to obsolescence as it is today.

We develop platform solutions that allow :
  • Physical integration of connected devices
  • Increased efficiency through strategic positioning within buildings
  • More choices in looks and functions through total modularity
  • Augmented ease in monitoring and control through 3D visualization
for buildings that prioritize health and well being.

...HACKA Labs fits IoT hubs within existing building assets, leveraging space that already exists.

Total Flexibility

Open and modular hardware
and software platform

Augmented Efficiency

Physical Seamless Integration of IoT Assets

Enhanced Controls

Native 3D Monitoring and Controls

...Introducing HACKA's Smart Door

On November 20, 2019 at the AU conference in Las Vegas, HACKA Labs unveiled the first of its IoT Hubs.
HACKA’s Smart Door harbors up to 5 IoT devices.
They feature swappable door skins because Smart should be simple, but smart should also look good.

HACKA Labs Trailer

Primary Sensor Block

Seamlessly incorporated into the door frame or panel, provides basic monitoring functions (temperature, smoke and motion detection etc...) on both sides of the doorway.

Home Automation - Primary Sensor Block
Home Automation - Modular Hub

Modular Hub

Designed to integrate a combination of up to 5 connected and powered modules.

Home Automation - Modular Hub

Onboard Processing Unit

With optional local data storage and power autonomy. As a result, an array of doors act as a network that is enabled to provide Edge Computing and in situ AI.

Home Automation - Onboard Processing Unit
Home Automation - 3D Monitoring & Control Interface

3D Monitoring & Control Interface

Open, secure and flexible software natively interfaced with Autodesk® software for 3D visualization and control.

Home Automation - 3D Monitoring & Control Interface

...Almost unlimited use cases

Thanks to the sensors, the computing power and the memory stock onboarded as standard, and especially thanks to the possibility of loading additional modules, the possibilities for configuring the HACKA door are almost limitless.

They provide a creative playground for application and object inventors to address multiple use cases.

Take a look at the example displayed here

Hacka's Smart Door

...One step closer to smarter buildings

Leave your contact information if you wish to stay connected with us, as the HACKA Labs teams unveil the next chapters of what we are working on.

...Our Partners

HACKA Labs works with industrial partners and developers to create a wide range of modular options that we want to make available to our customers, and will communicate on those partnerships in due time.

From lighting applications to sound, electronic devices, detection, air treatment, access control or simply aesthetic enhancements, if you think that your products could be a good fit for our smart door module catalog, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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